Nolte homecoming 7.29.14




When I was contacted to do this homecoming for an Air force spouse, I was honored and horribly nervous to shoot it. It was all the conditions that makes me sweat. It was at midnight, no lighting, and I was stuck with my fancy flash that I STILL can’t seem to get the hang of. I need help haha. Other than my own nervousness, I couldn’t even begin to grasp the nervousness that Chelsea felt. It was their first deployment and their first homecoming! It made my heart so happy to capture this moment for them. I’ve been lucky enough that my husband (who is a Marine) hasn’t deployed in his military career, but has been gone for long, extended period of time, so I can only imagine the happiness of seeing your spouse after 6 months of continuous separation. Lord knows there is nothing worse than the leaving… but nothing greater than the return! Welcome Home Airman!







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Diaz and Diego 6.7.14

It has been a considerable amount of time since I’ve written in this blog. I’m terrible. I don’t particularly enjoy writing and I’m terrible at the business aspect of my ..well. business! Fail. So life has continued and more shoots have happened and I’m going to try to attempt to either 1. Revamp this blog to a more professional one or be lazy and/or 2. at least attempt to keep up with this blog so I don’t have to post everything via my facebook page. I know, keeping it classy. Have I mentioned that I need to make myself a website too? double FAIL.


ANYWAY, I had the honor of shooting a friend and her handsome companion Diego before they moved away. It was a typical crappy day in good ole Georgia but it turned out for the best because this was the first shoot where the skies looked gorgeous. Even if it was a bazillion degrees out with a ridiculous amount of humidity! We toughed it out and I was VERY pleased with the outcome. I’ve come to realize that I like shooting people with their pets because I don’t have to tell them to look relaxed or pose any which way because they will do it naturally around their 4 legged friend. It makes my life easier since I can just focus on getting the shot.. oh and making ridiculous sounds to get his attention haha.


—SIDE NOTE— So I made these beautiful compilations of images so I didn’t have to post 100 separate images… and for some reason when I saved it for the web it super pixelated them all (insert horrified face) I will have to come back at another time and redo them. IN THE MEAN TIME, just enjoy them even if they are super grainy. They aren’t in real life. You can also check out my FB page: if you want to check it out 🙂

Chao – Jackie

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Verbanac 5.19.13


So I’m pretty excited to share this post. It’s my first 6 month old shoot. I was extremely pleased with how this shoot turned out and had a hard time cutting down on photos. Love that we were able to pull out these photos on such a dreary, rainy, gray day! You wouldn’t even know that it had rained for most of the shoot! There are a lot of photos. sorry…not sorry haha




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Tough mudder 06.01.13

Tough mudder 06.01.13

I don’t usually post shoots out of order but I wanted to share this one since it’s meaningful to me. The husband, baby, and I recently went back to PA for a family visit but mainly so Vince could attend the Tough Mudder event with his friends in honor of the fallen Marine/ police officer, Brad Fox. This photo represents the whole day. Everyone did an awesome job and managed to get through everything together. I was happy to capture some of these moments for them.

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Happy holidays!

I’m going to be honest with all of you. I’m the worst sort of procrastinator. It’s kind of bad. HOWEVER, due to the extreme guilt-ing by my older sister who is ALWAYS good at getting things done in a timely manner, I have finally spent all day creating my christmas card masterpiece. YAAAAY. Now I just need to send them out…crap. christmas card!

On another note, here’s another preview of the Zatutchni/Little engagement shoot that I did in Valley Forge Park, PA a couple of days ago. (if you haven’t seen the first preview head on over to my facebook page! –> ((I’d also love it if you “like” my page too)) UGH need to get these finished too….


Hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season!

❤ Jackie

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Addison Pastore newborn 11.25.12

Sorry for the delay between the preview and the final product! I’ve made my way back to my parents house in PA with Loo and we have been taking the time to enjoy ourselves immensely. I’ve also taken it upon myself to create a facebook fan page! Really trying to take this next step to try and legitimize myself. Come find me over on facebook and like my page if you have the time! I’d really appreciate it.

These photos were my first attempt at a newborn shoot. I’ve come to realize that my lens unfortunately isn’t really optimized to take as detailed of an image as I’d like but I think these turned out fairly well. We also didn’t have any props to work with other than the soft white fabric that I used to wrap her in. So these images are a little one noted, however, I think the different angles definitely helped. Hope you enjoy! ❤ Jackie

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Addison Pastore newborn preview!

Addison Pastore newborn preview!

Practicing my newborn photography skills with my Sister-in-law’s second child

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Macias family photoshoot 10.28.12

ugh. 1000 photos sifted through and edited later, HERE THEY ARE! tada! haha It only took me like 30 days….. yeah… I need to learn how to edit faster. really. ANYWAY, here’s my friend’s family that I shot for her. Her husband is also in the marine corps and in the same shop as my hubby! The lighting during this shoot was a little challenging in that it was a really boring sky and the lighting was very “white”. I also learned through this shoot that I need to be more vocal about how to move, place, edit my subjects as I shoot. You can definitely see where some shots were a little awkward. Looking back I wish I had pushed myself to say something about how I placed my subject, especially since they were so willing to try different poses. Its so interesting how much you learn after each shoot! One thing I need to learn is how to make a kid smile when they don’t feel like being there. You can definitely see how it changes a photograph when they aren’t cooperative. If you know me, I’m not the most kid friendly person haha. Any suggestions?

❤ Jackie



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The Halloween post 10.14.12 &10.25.12 & 10.31.12

HAPPY HALLOWEEN… ok so it’s way late for Halloween. Give me a break. I’m a slow editer and I usually only get 1 or 2 days a week to really sit, ignore the kid, the house, and everything in between to straight edit. If I edited every day, god help me because I’m fairly sure the house would fall apart and the kid, dog and cat would be taken away by child services!


This Halloween post is going to be in three separate posts since they occur on three separate days.  The first is relevant to THIS POST. When Vince forgot that Georgia doesn’t get cooler like PA does in October and decided to carve a pumpkin early. Bad mistake. The poor thing DIED like 3 days later due to the heat and the massive amount of disgusting flies around here. I did feel bad since Vince was super excited to carve this thing with Loo, who quickly got bored of it and left him to romp around the yard. Poor hubby. He just wants to do so many things with Loo that he’s either not big enough, old enough, or doesn’t care enough to do with him. Oh well.

Excited to get started

Loves his Dada

More excited than Loo

It’s about here when we tried to get loo to touch the inside of the pumpkin that he decided he was done with all of this carving business and ditched the whole project. It’s ok though, we had our own little photo adventure 🙂

Dino arms

Love that drooly face

Unfortunately though, we had to move our project indoors due to the horrible heat and bugs

One is watching his movie and the other is carving a pumpkin. Ah family time haha

eventually loo decided to help dada out

The pumpkin did turn out fairly well. I didn’t end up taking a picture of it on my camera. It does exist however on my instagram!


PART TWO: trunk or treat 10.25.12

Trunk or treat was this pretty cool idea run by my friend’s church where kids come and trick or treat out of a bunch of parked car trunks! They deck their car trunks with lights and spooky decorations that the kids all love. They also had hay rides, face paint, food, candy, and pumpkins you could buy. Let’s just say that Loo and his friends had a blast. Did I mention that Loo’s costume this year was clark kent? Yeah, he was stinking adorable. Hope you love his costume as much as I did!

It was hard to keep the essential glasses on this kid

Yup. this really happened haha


My friend’s kids


PART THREE: Halloween!

This basically speaks for itself. My friend, her husband, and kids came over and ate some Halloween themed stuffed peppers. I’d share the recipe but I ended up modding it for my own purposes. It was a basic ground beef stuffed pepper recipe but with chicken stuffing instead of rice. They turned out pretty awesome.

The kids donned their costumes and then off we all went! I do want to note here that I was extremely annoyed by the amount of older kids that were trick or treating! What the heck? I mean don’t get me wrong, if you’re older and love candy fine… but you better have a costume on! There were literally high school kids walking around with their gym duffle bags and no costumes on. I was sorely tempted to send them away with nothing except that Vince, changed my mind. Have I mentioned that I don’t tend to like other children?? Because of these kids, Vince brought our bucket of candy with us instead of leaving it at the door. It was rather humorous watching him approaching people, telling them to take candy from the bucket, as we walked around. He was horribly awkward and it was funny to watch him suffer a little 🙂 I’m the best wife ever haha

Show us your pumpkins!

refused to walk anymore until he was allowed one “snack” haha

Bat dog had to stay behind due to his lack of walking on a leash ability


Well that’s the end! Hope you guys all had a great Halloween as well!

❤ Jackie

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More Christmas card making





Happy 237th birthday Marines! Of course, as I should be getting ready for my 5th ball with the hubby, I’m here taking photos of the animals for our christmas card. I think my priorities are little messed up. Anyway, I set up an awesome little shoot with Jules the cat and Marcus. Here are two that I edited. The rest you’ll have to wait for. No more time!


Hope you enjoy!



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