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Diaz and Diego 6.7.14

It has been a considerable amount of time since I’ve written in this blog. I’m terrible. I don’t particularly enjoy writing and I’m terrible at the business aspect of my ..well. business! Fail. So life has continued and more shoots have happened and I’m going to try to attempt to either 1. Revamp this blog to a more professional one or be lazy and/or 2. at least attempt to keep up with this blog so I don’t have to post everything via my facebook page. I know, keeping it classy. Have I mentioned that I need to make myself a website too? double FAIL.


ANYWAY, I had the honor of shooting a friend and her handsome companion Diego before they moved away. It was a typical crappy day in good ole Georgia but it turned out for the best because this was the first shoot where the skies looked gorgeous. Even if it was a bazillion degrees out with a ridiculous amount of humidity! We toughed it out and I was VERY pleased with the outcome. I’ve come to realize that I like shooting people with their pets because I don’t have to tell them to look relaxed or pose any which way because they will do it naturally around their 4 legged friend. It makes my life easier since I can just focus on getting the shot.. oh and making ridiculous sounds to get his attention haha.


—SIDE NOTE— So I made these beautiful compilations of images so I didn’t have to post 100 separate images… and for some reason when I saved it for the web it super pixelated them all (insert horrified face) I will have to come back at another time and redo them. IN THE MEAN TIME, just enjoy them even if they are super grainy. They aren’t in real life. You can also check out my FB page: http://www.facebook.com/jackiepastorephotography if you want to check it out 🙂

Chao – Jackie

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Stone Family Shoot 7.20.13

Here is the lovely Stone family with the whole puppy crew in tow! Nobody ended up with ticks so I count that as a successful shoot 🙂


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Harts 04.21.13

Here are the beautiful Hart girls! We had a beautiful afternoon at Pineola farms and they were awesome to shoot, even though we got a lot of unhappy tears. (haha I’m a sucker for crying baby photos) Sorry for the lack of photo formating on the blog. I didn’t feel like making a gallery nor was my photoshop working with me…. so you guys get to view these just as they are 🙂






DSC_0040-w DSC_0038-w DSC_0035-w


DSC_6937-w DSC_6932-w DSC_6916-c-w DSC_6904-w DSC_6896-wDSC_6878-w DSC_6876-w DSC_6873-w DSC_6861-w DSC_6893-w DSC_6894-w DSC_6836-w DSC_6827-w DSC_6825-w DSC_6820-w DSC_6819-w DSC_6817-w DSC_6814-w DSC_6813-w DSC_6811-w DSC_6800-c-wDSC_6944-w DSC_6946-w

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It’s Easter! (or it was)

SO I am happy to say that I’m finally caught up with all of my clients. For once. Not that it was done in a timely manner but at least it’s done.

That gave me time to edit some personal photos! I don’t think I’ve posted what the Pastore clan has been up to in a long time! It’s actually been refreshingly busy. I’m not going to lie, when Vince came back from his last leg of MOS school, I was worried I’d get back into my lazy, non productive self. At first, I def lazed around but I’m happy to say that I’ve definitely gotten into a good groove of getting stuff done. The house is clean 75% of the time, I’ve definitely improved at making dinner, the kid has started gymnastics (!!!!) and he also has started allergy shots ( :s ). This schedule has kept me super super busy, almost like soccer mom status (but without the luxury of a second car). It also has forced me to get up with Vince to get the car. –I need to take a pic of my burrito baby. so freaking cute wrapped in blankets at 5 in the morning– Whiiiich in turn lets me get stuff done haha.

Untitled-1 copy

We also got carpet in our house! When we moved into our house, it was a blessing that there was no carpet in the living room area because training my terrorist dog to not barf, poop, pee on the floor was nearly impossible. Now that he’s got his bowels (mostly) in check, we were able to ask the leasing office to install carpet and it’s been sooooooo nice. A total change in how the house feels. Comfortable! We can actually sit on the floor without getting the soul sucked out of our butts! hooray!

I’ve also had the luxury of getting closer to some of the wives here. I’m happy to say that a year into living in this crazy area of Georgia, I’ve made some great friends! I feel like I’ve definitely mentioned this before but I really am grateful for this. Living without the comfort of my mom haha, or the support of my siblings, and the pressures of being a mom and a wife are hard. Especially when I did the first year of it in my parents house. I definitely had a hard time transitioning but I feel so GOOD now! It’s nice to feel good. It could also be due to the realization that coffee makes me work so much better hahaha.

but anyway, this past Easter, the lot of us decided to throw a nice Easter get together at my Friend’s house and have the littles do an Easter egg hunt while we grilled and enjoyed each others’ company. Oh and the husbands were invited this time haha. Here are some photos of the get together!


There were SOOO many eggs!


haha he was so pleased with himself

ethanraramom w




happy babies everywhere!

DSC_6349-woh my, this fat, blue eyed, pretty girl

DSC_0038-wand then H barfed EVERYWHERE haha (wasn’t that cool at the time) –that’s me in the purple pants and the awesome striped peplum!


oh and this fat cutie who OBVIOUSLY only had one thing on his mind haha



This other fat, adorable, blue eyed baby!


oh and of course my two handsome boys 🙂



hernandez-girls-wHad to take two takes because SOMEONE wouldn’t take the time to look up from her candy hahahaha


AAnnnnd then mom had to fish foil out of her mouth! haha you’re not a real mom is you can’t rip food/foil out of your kid’s mouth


and then 10 min later gum needed to be fished out hahahahaha Mother’s love is infinite 🙂


And after a long and hot, awesome, day the kids were tired out and we all went home happy…

until everyone at the party got sick with the stomach bug and I ended up barfing for two days hahaha But I wouldn’t have missed this for the world! There really is nothing more awesome than spending a great day with good friends, food, and happy kids 🙂

OH and we got a grill the next day! First Pastore bought grill 🙂



loo and I kept it classy while daddy cooked 🙂

AND the last little bit of loo!


it had started raining and yes that is drool not a rain drop!

Hope you guys enjoyed our little pastore update!

Love, Jack

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Tiption family shoot 2.3.13

So it’s been a month, I’m a little ashamed. Its been hectic in the Pastore household. Like seriously. However, I am happy to say that I’ve found a new online editer that helps with the editing process. Unfortunately, I didn’t find this until I was halfway through editing this shoot which took me way too long. I did learn some awesome new techniques though haha. I think I literally learn something new every time I edit, which I also think is what takes me so long. Learning. Thanks to all my clients that suffer through this process. I appreciate you! I was hesitant to show this shoot truthfully because I was really unhappy how the group shots turned out. In fact, I’m not going to show those. I had to reschedule just because I was that unhappy with them. Talk about a learning process. It was humbling actually and I had a hard time dealing. Like I said, learning process. But here they all are, the lovely Tipton family 🙂

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Pashke Newborn/Family Session 1.17.13

Ah The Pashke family, my first neighbors in Georgia and a great family friend. They are also my favorite guinea pig family whenever I’m looking to try out some new techniques or if I just need to practice. Love these guys. Hope you love their little family too 🙂

Love, Jackie


edit: Sorry, for some reason some photos didn’t get included in the previous gallery. More photos put in!


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Emlen & MacArdle Engagement Shoot 12.28.12

If you were wondering about this post. Its FREAKING HUGE! It took over an hour just to upload the photos!

Ridiculous I know.

More ridiculous though was how long it took me to edit these. It took me FOREVER. I’m talking about up till 2am(s)(ssss) or maybe 4am..or later sometimes haha. Those were LONG nights and even longer days with the kid. Thank god for Netflix. Seriously. If I was ever going to sell a “plug” its going to be right now. I LOVE NETFLIX. thank god for a bajillion hours of doctor who (which I have now watched 5 seasons of in like 2 weeks.), and all of ru paul’s drag race, and all the movies I’ve now watched while editing. Oh and also for the hours of Curious George my child has now consumed. Yes, thank god for netflix. ALSO, if you were wondering where the husband was in all this, he could have been helpful if he were here but he’s been gone for the past 2 months unfortunately finishing his last leg of MOS school. If you know what that is, awesome, if not, it’s just schooling that Marine’s go to for their chosen occupation. So yeah, single parenting it up and trying to work is so not a winning combination.

But back to the point, I am in LOVE with this session. It was a terrible day of driving, it took me 2 hours just to get to the location (which is only 30 min away) due to the blizzard and it was cold, terrible and absolutely brilliant all at the same time. This couple was so amazing about laying in the snow, walking distances in the cold, and doing whatever I wanted them to do all while looking super adorable and wonderful. I had a terrible time trying to cut down the photos and found myself just giving up and editing multiples anyway. I also had a hard time trying to make “sense” of these. I found that groups of photos made so much sense together but overall, it was weird. I’m not sure if I’m explaining that correctly or if I’m just sounding crazy. I did group some just to show what I mean, but I got lazy (tired) and didn’t group them all since I didn’t have a template and had to work out the “fittings” by hand. But that’s enough of that. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves

Love, Jack

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D. Chang Family photoshoot 12.28.12

Here’s round two of the Chang family. This shoot was done of the younger brother and his family. I don’t know if you noticed but I was little obsessed with their daughter’s eyes. … like a lot obsessed. I think it comes from eye color envy.. I have black black eyes. Besides how is this even genetically possible?! It gives me hope for a future hazel/green eyed Pastore child? maybe, probably not. Enjoy!


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G. Changs 12.28.12

So I just tried to make a “funny” joke as to why these took forever but my brain and eyes are so fried that I realized that it totally didn’t make any sense. So as to not make anyone suffer too much with my not funny humor here are the G. Changs’ family photos!

❤ Jackie

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Reyes Family Photoshoot 12.28.12

Ever have one of those shoots where as much as you want to do awesomely, you don’t? And that no matter what you try it just doesn’t come out? ugh. As much as I love this family (old family friend of mine), I literally suffered editing these images. I kind of felt like a failure. *sigh*. But a job is a job is a job right? It has to get done. So here is the lovely Reyes family that put up with freezing cold temperatures in little to no sun. Enjoy ❤ Jack


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