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Nolte homecoming 7.29.14




When I was contacted to do this homecoming for an Air force spouse, I was honored and horribly nervous to shoot it. It was all the conditions that makes me sweat. It was at midnight, no lighting, and I was stuck with my fancy flash that I STILL can’t seem to get the hang of. I need help haha. Other than my own nervousness, I couldn’t even begin to grasp the nervousness that Chelsea felt. It was their first deployment and their first homecoming! It made my heart so happy to capture this moment for them. I’ve been lucky enough that my husband (who is a Marine) hasn’t deployed in his military career, but has been gone for long, extended period of time, so I can only imagine the happiness of seeing your spouse after 6 months of continuous separation. Lord knows there is nothing worse than the leaving… but nothing greater than the return! Welcome Home Airman!







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Diaz and Diego 6.7.14

It has been a considerable amount of time since I’ve written in this blog. I’m terrible. I don’t particularly enjoy writing and I’m terrible at the business aspect of my ..well. business! Fail. So life has continued and more shoots have happened and I’m going to try to attempt to either 1. Revamp this blog to a more professional one or be lazy and/or 2. at least attempt to keep up with this blog so I don’t have to post everything via my facebook page. I know, keeping it classy. Have I mentioned that I need to make myself a website too? double FAIL.


ANYWAY, I had the honor of shooting a friend and her handsome companion Diego before they moved away. It was a typical crappy day in good ole Georgia but it turned out for the best because this was the first shoot where the skies looked gorgeous. Even if it was a bazillion degrees out with a ridiculous amount of humidity! We toughed it out and I was VERY pleased with the outcome. I’ve come to realize that I like shooting people with their pets because I don’t have to tell them to look relaxed or pose any which way because they will do it naturally around their 4 legged friend. It makes my life easier since I can just focus on getting the shot.. oh and making ridiculous sounds to get his attention haha.


—SIDE NOTE— So I made these beautiful compilations of images so I didn’t have to post 100 separate images… and for some reason when I saved it for the web it super pixelated them all (insert horrified face) I will have to come back at another time and redo them. IN THE MEAN TIME, just enjoy them even if they are super grainy. They aren’t in real life. You can also check out my FB page: if you want to check it out 🙂

Chao – Jackie

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Stone Family Shoot 7.20.13

Here is the lovely Stone family with the whole puppy crew in tow! Nobody ended up with ticks so I count that as a successful shoot 🙂


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Norris Newborn shoot 7.6.13

Loved this newborn shoot. BEAUTIFUL family and loved every hot, sweaty min of this four hour shoot haha. Very excited to share all of this with you all!


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Verbanac 5.19.13


So I’m pretty excited to share this post. It’s my first 6 month old shoot. I was extremely pleased with how this shoot turned out and had a hard time cutting down on photos. Love that we were able to pull out these photos on such a dreary, rainy, gray day! You wouldn’t even know that it had rained for most of the shoot! There are a lot of photos. sorry…not sorry haha




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Harts 04.21.13

Here are the beautiful Hart girls! We had a beautiful afternoon at Pineola farms and they were awesome to shoot, even though we got a lot of unhappy tears. (haha I’m a sucker for crying baby photos) Sorry for the lack of photo formating on the blog. I didn’t feel like making a gallery nor was my photoshop working with me…. so you guys get to view these just as they are 🙂






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Tiption family shoot 2.3.13

So it’s been a month, I’m a little ashamed. Its been hectic in the Pastore household. Like seriously. However, I am happy to say that I’ve found a new online editer that helps with the editing process. Unfortunately, I didn’t find this until I was halfway through editing this shoot which took me way too long. I did learn some awesome new techniques though haha. I think I literally learn something new every time I edit, which I also think is what takes me so long. Learning. Thanks to all my clients that suffer through this process. I appreciate you! I was hesitant to show this shoot truthfully because I was really unhappy how the group shots turned out. In fact, I’m not going to show those. I had to reschedule just because I was that unhappy with them. Talk about a learning process. It was humbling actually and I had a hard time dealing. Like I said, learning process. But here they all are, the lovely Tipton family 🙂

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Pashke Newborn/Family Session 1.17.13

Ah The Pashke family, my first neighbors in Georgia and a great family friend. They are also my favorite guinea pig family whenever I’m looking to try out some new techniques or if I just need to practice. Love these guys. Hope you love their little family too 🙂

Love, Jackie


edit: Sorry, for some reason some photos didn’t get included in the previous gallery. More photos put in!


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D. Chang Family photoshoot 12.28.12

Here’s round two of the Chang family. This shoot was done of the younger brother and his family. I don’t know if you noticed but I was little obsessed with their daughter’s eyes. … like a lot obsessed. I think it comes from eye color envy.. I have black black eyes. Besides how is this even genetically possible?! It gives me hope for a future hazel/green eyed Pastore child? maybe, probably not. Enjoy!


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G. Changs 12.28.12

So I just tried to make a “funny” joke as to why these took forever but my brain and eyes are so fried that I realized that it totally didn’t make any sense. So as to not make anyone suffer too much with my not funny humor here are the G. Changs’ family photos!

❤ Jackie

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