My child turns 2!

If you’ve been following my blog for a little bit/ happen to know me, you know that I am fully, 100% in love with, obsessed with my beautiful child. My pregnancy with him was a total accident and finding out about it was terrifying for me. I wasn’t necessarily a “teen mom” but lord knows I could have waited a few years. Luckily for me, I had a lot of support and love and have since then gotten married to his father (my husband for 2 and half years), moved to Georgia, and have gotten to pursue my passion in photography! Things have seriously changed since his birth and while it was hard and frustrating at a lot of points, I am so happy where we are right now. I wouldn’t change anything at all if it would alter this kid in any way. I mean come on, he’s so stinking beautiful!

But off of my gushing of my child, we celebrated his 2nd birthday in conjunction with a good friend’s son this past Saturday! It was the first time I have been able to throw him a party since on his first birthday, I had to work. His birthday, which is Christmas Eve (!!), makes it difficult to throw him a party on the actual day. You know, with the holidays and such. Anyway, with the whole DIY and Pinterst craze lord knows that I also wanted to throw him the best birthday I could possibly throw and luckily my friend was totally on board. (also lucky she is totally as crafty as me!)

So the theme was BATMAN! We started off the day at this bouncy house place called Monkey Joes and from there headed to my friend’s house for cake and pizza. It was an awesome day. Check out some images from the day! (ps sorry that this is a photo heavy post)


DSC_4754-w DSC_4792-w DSC_4815-w DSC_4832-w DSC_4833-w DSC_4837-w DSC_4838-w DSC_4841-w DSC_4843-w DSC_4844-w DSC_4845-w DSC_4848-w DSC_4850-w DSC_4851-w DSC_4858-w DSC_4861-w DSC_4862-w DSC_4872-w DSC_4877-w DSC_4881-w DSC_4882-w DSC_4883-w DSC_4888-w DSC_4902-w DSC_4903-w DSC_4905-w DSC_4910-w DSC_4914-w DSC_4919 DSC_4942-c-w

DSC_4946-w DSC_4951-w DSC_4955-w DSC_4987-w DSC_4990-w DSC_5002-w DSC_5005-w DSC_5019-w

Decorations done by –

Lyssa Macias:

– banner

– backdrop of Gotham City

– Side (twirly) banners

– Batman Cake pops!

Yours Truly:

– Cake

– gift bags

– straw toppers

– super hero masks

– chalkboard birthday sign

Other decorations:

– batman picture was from etsy

– cups from walmart

– paper straws were from etsy

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4 thoughts on “My child turns 2!

  1. shannon says:

    Great ideas! Did you make your speech bubbles for the cake or did you find a template somewhere?

    • I actually ended up google imaging the word “bam, pow, zap” (sometimes separately) and ended up searching for a few hrs until I found what I wanted! I did edit them a little in Photoshop to get rid of the background to print accordingly.

  2. Kimberly Rice says:

    What a lucky boy! Well done! Where did you get that super cute batman for the cake?!

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