Melli Photoshoot 12.16.12

My family has been long time friends of my recent family session, and when they asked me to take some family portraits, needless to say I literally pooped myself. haha But literally, I’m not sure why, but I was crazy, ridiculously nervous to do this shoot. I even went and got myself a new lens for the occasion! (a nikon 35mm 1.8 prime lens) It also didn’t help that the weather forecast for the shoot was doomed to be on and off showers and gray skies all day. The weather here in PA has NOT been cooperative at all to my outside shooting needs. It’s been gray and raining and unpleasant. Awesome. But like everyone else I’ve shot, this family was always laughing and wonderful. Which is great, since I need to brush off some knock knock jokes or something. I am not good at making people laugh. I am a little disappointed in myself for over exposing a lot of shots and having to edit heavily in photoshop, but what can you do? (I mean other then learn and get better). So here is the amazingly stylish Melli family!

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One thought on “Melli Photoshoot 12.16.12

  1. Great set! I love the siblings kissing the dog photo- so great. He’s the star!

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