The Halloween post 10.14.12 &10.25.12 & 10.31.12

HAPPY HALLOWEEN… ok so it’s way late for Halloween. Give me a break. I’m a slow editer and I usually only get 1 or 2 days a week to really sit, ignore the kid, the house, and everything in between to straight edit. If I edited every day, god help me because I’m fairly sure the house would fall apart and the kid, dog and cat would be taken away by child services!


This Halloween post is going to be in three separate posts since they occur on three separate days.  The first is relevant to THIS POST. When Vince forgot that Georgia doesn’t get cooler like PA does in October and decided to carve a pumpkin early. Bad mistake. The poor thing DIED like 3 days later due to the heat and the massive amount of disgusting flies around here. I did feel bad since Vince was super excited to carve this thing with Loo, who quickly got bored of it and left him to romp around the yard. Poor hubby. He just wants to do so many things with Loo that he’s either not big enough, old enough, or doesn’t care enough to do with him. Oh well.

Excited to get started

Loves his Dada

More excited than Loo

It’s about here when we tried to get loo to touch the inside of the pumpkin that he decided he was done with all of this carving business and ditched the whole project. It’s ok though, we had our own little photo adventure 🙂

Dino arms

Love that drooly face

Unfortunately though, we had to move our project indoors due to the horrible heat and bugs

One is watching his movie and the other is carving a pumpkin. Ah family time haha

eventually loo decided to help dada out

The pumpkin did turn out fairly well. I didn’t end up taking a picture of it on my camera. It does exist however on my instagram!


PART TWO: trunk or treat 10.25.12

Trunk or treat was this pretty cool idea run by my friend’s church where kids come and trick or treat out of a bunch of parked car trunks! They deck their car trunks with lights and spooky decorations that the kids all love. They also had hay rides, face paint, food, candy, and pumpkins you could buy. Let’s just say that Loo and his friends had a blast. Did I mention that Loo’s costume this year was clark kent? Yeah, he was stinking adorable. Hope you love his costume as much as I did!

It was hard to keep the essential glasses on this kid

Yup. this really happened haha


My friend’s kids


PART THREE: Halloween!

This basically speaks for itself. My friend, her husband, and kids came over and ate some Halloween themed stuffed peppers. I’d share the recipe but I ended up modding it for my own purposes. It was a basic ground beef stuffed pepper recipe but with chicken stuffing instead of rice. They turned out pretty awesome.

The kids donned their costumes and then off we all went! I do want to note here that I was extremely annoyed by the amount of older kids that were trick or treating! What the heck? I mean don’t get me wrong, if you’re older and love candy fine… but you better have a costume on! There were literally high school kids walking around with their gym duffle bags and no costumes on. I was sorely tempted to send them away with nothing except that Vince, changed my mind. Have I mentioned that I don’t tend to like other children?? Because of these kids, Vince brought our bucket of candy with us instead of leaving it at the door. It was rather humorous watching him approaching people, telling them to take candy from the bucket, as we walked around. He was horribly awkward and it was funny to watch him suffer a little 🙂 I’m the best wife ever haha

Show us your pumpkins!

refused to walk anymore until he was allowed one “snack” haha

Bat dog had to stay behind due to his lack of walking on a leash ability


Well that’s the end! Hope you guys all had a great Halloween as well!

❤ Jackie

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