Cheatle Photoshoot round 2: 9.28.12

This photo shoot was exceptionally challenging for me. First of all, it was done indoors, secondly, I didn’t want to use flash AT ALL, and thirdly I was going for a gritty, warm feel in these photos. This is very not my style at all. I tend to love taking very crisp, clear, and colorful photos. I’m fairly glad how these turned out though. It forced me to really pre think out my photos, take the time to look at what I was doing, WHILE I was doing it, and it helped me practice directing my subjects. Something that I’m still learning to do. (I’m used to chasing after a running child and not really saying anything) I did have to use a lot of “actions” during the editing process to achieve the look I was looking for. I hope these don’t look too over edited.

❤ Jackie

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