Christmas Card Quickie 10.22/12

I know, I know, It’s not even Halloween yet and I’m working on Christmas cards? Crazy right? WRONG. I love Halloween but not as much as I love Thanksgiving and I love that half as much as I love Christmas. Make sense? Plus, the husband’s birthday is in December as well as the baby’s! (who is a Christmas eve birthday may I add) PLUUUUSSSS, I’m going back to PA at the end of Nov. which leaves me NO TIME to get all my Christmas crap done.

Not to mention, Vince and I are notoriously bad at sending out cards. I mean like shamefully bad. As in ridiculously late thank you’s for our wedding, not sent thank you’s for our baby shower… I won’t even go on. It’s a sore spot for me. I suck.

This is all ironic seeing as I love making cards. My life is a sham. haha..but no really I suck.

So this morning, I got randomly inspired to try and take a few photos of the baby for our potential Christmas card! I would love to do a fall shoot outside except for the fact that Georgia doesn’t believe in fall weather and it’s still pushing 80 degrees outside. So I snatched up some adorable outfits and threw Loo on them and tried to snap a few off.

no bueno.

Yeah, that’s what I thought about our shoot too Loo.

What was that Loo? We had to bribe you with fruit snacks and an episode of Fresh Beat Band in order to make you sit still (barely) for all of 10 min before you decided you were done? You’re right you were a terror!

Of course I did edit this one forever and kind of liked it. I still need to edit the second round of photos from my Sister’s maternity shoot, upload some Halloween crafts that Loo, Vince and I did and some other mini adventures that we’ve recently had, but enjoy this early Christmas tidbit early!

We’ll see if I’ll use this or not 😉Oh and Marcus the stinky dog says hi too

❤ Jackie

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Card Quickie 10.22/12

  1. auntie k says:

    Loo is ADORABLE! If I opened a card with a picture of that face, it would make my day!

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