Playdates 9.13.12

So during my little rendezvous home, in between stuffing my face, not preparing for my sister’s baby shower, and dealing with a cranky, sick kid, I tried to make time to visit some friends! Brittany Stanely is this crazy cool chick with some great ideas about home birth, doula(ing) and the like. haha I remember her from high school. She was in my enviro science class group and even though she was not in my friend circle (although she was in my ((current)) future husband’s friend group — irony) she was super nice to me and we shared some good laughs! Who’d have thought years later we would become closer friends? Her a blond bombshell and me the awkward sarcastic Asian? I love how the world works sometimes.  Anyway, Her and her fiance Jo have this beautiful (halfie) child that is right around Loo’s age and we decided to get together while we were both visiting PA! Here are the photos from our little play date!

PS. If you have some time, visit her blog. She has an interesting perspective on a lot of subjects

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