Because everyone needs a little Bruce Wayne in their life.

So when we first moved into our house, I was in a tizzy about how I could finally decorate in any manner that I wished. (minus the painting…) So the first thing that I really wanted to decorate was actually Loo’s room. At first, I started to decorate it space themed for lack of other inspiration but half way through, I was super inspired by BATMAN THEMED ROOM!!!!!!! So I scrapped the space theme, which you will still see some space stuff in his room, and started getting on the ball with Batman. It definitely helped that Vince was away for a few months during this time and this current project kept me busy. What I really wanted for his room was to not make it kind of corny with obvious horrible batman printed stuff splattered everywhere, not make it an overly dark adult themed room since he is a baby after all., and pay some homage to not only the classically known batman but to old school batman as well as new school! So what I’ve done is handcraft a lot of the stuff in his room to make it obviously a batman themed room, but kept it also a light, child room. There’s still some more things that need to be done to fully finish his room, like some more pictures to put in the frames. I’ve scouted some cute/cool photos on etsy that people have created but that’s going to have to be slowly acquired over time.

The room as you enter through the door

View of Loo’s bed and the frame gallery

The couch with hand crafted pillow and an imperfect cover but I don’t own a sewing machine (yet) to make my own.

The shelves

Still need to paint this piggy bank

I created this sign with a wooden sign and letters from Michael’s and Martha Stewart’s all purpose paint and crackle effects. Love this stuff

Shelving details. I bought the V’s from Michaels, the batman signal light off of amazon, batman figure from Barnes and noble and pinned on some black masks on the ugly dolls 🙂

The lamp was an old lamp from my parents’ house that I repainted with Martha Stewart’s all purpose paint. The shade I created from a cheap, plain shade from target that I mod podged together (good ole elmers with water) with comic pages that I got from a local comic book store.

The blue frame was actually a scratched up old brown frame that I also painted with Martha Stewart’s paint. (notice a theme here?)

This rocking horse was given to me since someone was throwing it away, had it refurbished by a friend who put green hair as its mane. I figured, green hair.. JOKER! So I painted it’s face 🙂

The nightlight lampshade was an ugly dragonfly thing so I ripped it off, glued some gray felt to it. I then traced and cut out the batman symbol in yellow and black felt and hotglue gunned it to that and wallah!  (the electrical outlet was bought here

Created with black electrical tape… didn’t finish since I ran out of it haha

Painted the top one of gotham city and the bottom was a fun craft that Loo and I painted together.

Took an ugly old pillow and used black and yellow felt to cover it. Had to hand sew it since I don’t own a sewing machine…

Some photos that I wish had turned out but didn’t.

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4 thoughts on “Because everyone needs a little Bruce Wayne in their life.

  1. Deb says:

    Jackie! Holy Batman, what an awesome room. Girl you sure spent alot of time and energy making Vinny’s room look totally cool. I love Gothsm City outline on the closet doors, for not having a sewing machine, you amaze me! Bet he loves his room. If Vinny goes away often, he;s not going to recognize the house when he gets home. lol Deb PS Are you and Martha on a first name basis yet?

  2. Amanda says:

    idk why you would say wallah when its clearly voila

  3. Cathy says:


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