The move

Random thought prior to starting a splurg of blog writing: While I always have this overhanging guilt for not updating my blog as often, I’ve realized that I’ve always been a “reader” and not a “writer”, and thus don’t feel like writing. So for me to write this blog is somewhat of an accomplishment since I could barely write a 1 page paper in college; sad I know.  It’s also hard since I always have tons and tons of great ideas, but I’m horrible (HORRIBLE) at getting them out in cohesive thoughts. So while this is all really really late in coming, here you all go. (that’s all the apology you all are going to get)

So as most of you know, Vince, Friend and I (and the dog) have moved to Warner Robins, Georgia. Specifically:

103 Marion Way

Warner Robins, Ga 31098

If you were wondering of course.

Without writing a lengthy forever blog about why we moved and etc. etc. I will try to keep this short and sweet.

Reason why we moved:

Vince had applied to go active reserve waaaaaay back when and in early January he was finally accepted into the program. Active reserve is basically a reservist who has been activated to go full time. Like being tagged in duck duck goose to go running around. He also had to change his military occupation in order to be accepted into the program so Vince changed his occupation from some tech guy/det 3 detachment or whatever (I know, I should know these things but I don’t) to become a helicopter mechanic. Also, the people deciding our fate decided that it would be more awesome if instead of staying near home in PA, that we should go explore the world and thus here we are in GEORGIA.

The actual drive down:

After much preparing and extensive goodbyes, Vince and I decided it would be best to drive down to Georgia at night (10pm). Our goal was to keep Loo up for as long as possible and then drive down so that he would hopefully sleep most of the way and thus limiting our problem of 2 monsters in the car to 1 monster (marcus).

What we were hoping for

What we ended up getting was the TOTAL OPPOSITE. The baby literally cried the WHOLE TIME. With maybe 20min intervals of exhausted cat naps. It was horrible. On the other hand, the dog was an angel who slept the entire time and didn’t have a single accident in the car.

What we got

This sounds horrible but I literally had to take loo out of his car seat, hold him, laid him down on the seat, reheld him, put him in the carseat again. etc etc. He cried the whole time anyway. Basically by the time we got to Georgia and it was like 6am, loo looked like this and did finally sleep until we got to the hotel.


(ps forgot to mention that we got pulled over haha but the cop took pity on us and let us go without a ticket since he knew we were going to the base)

He literally ate the pouch in a few seconds and pass out mid way. He was that exhausted.

Truthfully I don’t even remember when we got to the hotel. Vince and I were that tired. Even the dog slept for a good couple of hours. The only sucky thing about going to this hotel was that we were stuck there for a day since our house wasn’t “finished” being cleaned and such. You can imagine the amount of  “fun” we didn’t have haha.

AAAaaand there you all go! That was the drive down to Georgia that we suffered through and hope to not suffer through for a long time! Sorry, I couldn’t think of a fancy way to end this

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3 thoughts on “The move

  1. Jen says:

    Ah, nothing like traveling with a cranky kid on board! Hope you guys are settling in alright.

  2. Deb Clary says:

    Jackie & Vinny, how you two persevered the longggg ride with a crying son is totally amazing to me! Driving these days is stressful enough, let alone the long drive. We went to Mrytle Beach for vacation for many years, I can’t imagine if Jeff cried almost the whole 10 hr drive. Gold stars to you as parents! Hope you are settling in to the southern life!!! Love seeing pictures of Loo, he is a cutie!

  3. Fran Grenier says:

    Great start to your blog. Writing was great and the pictures awesome. Better late then never. Love you.

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