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First, just to be clear on some background, I work at Aerie which is a sister store to American Eagle Outfitters and we sell clothes from bras and undies to awesome shirts and pants (yeah that was a store plug). I live, breath, and sell bras.

So when I had decided to breast feed Loo while I was still pregnant, I hadn’t realized all the annoying things that came with it; those other things I’ll get into later, but specifically Nursing BRAS! I’m going to go into 4 nursing bras that I have, from three different places.

As of right now, I am currently wearing a bra from Motherhood Maternity. The underwire is bent and the one shoulder strap is kind of stretched out. Why am I wearing it? Because I’ve only been wearing it for less than 4 months, it’s already broken AND I HATE wasting money on clothes.  So I am going to wear the crap out of it until it literally is so wretched that it cannot be worn any longer. I have actually already thrown out another bra from here because the underwire ripped through the fabric and was cutting into me. I am pretty disappointed because Motherhood is a store based solely on maternity wear. You’d think that they would get this stuff right, right? Wrong.

For the two bras from Maternity, I spent about $20 for each and these were the plainest, cheapest ones they had. Now don’t get me wrong I did enjoy them while they lasted and I did throw them in the wash with all my other clothes which most definitely made their lifespan shorter … but really, I do the same for all my bras from Aerie and none of them have gone so terribly bad within such a short time. (I’ve had them for  years). So if a regular bra store can make bras that can withstand my washer and dryer, why cant a store devoted solely for maternity wear make a bra that can too? Ridiculous.

The third nursing bra I got was from Babies R. Us. When I first started nursing I didn’t realize that Loo wouldn’t be draining my poor, swollen boobs frequently enough. So prior to getting a breast pump, this nursing bra was so awesome because my boobs wouldn’t fit into anything with an underwire. It held up in the wash and I really loved the slide in snaps vs the latch snaps. When you’re exhausted and awake at 4am in the morning breast feeding, slide in snaps are key. I don’t really wear it anymore because my breasts have gone down a cup size as the amount of milk I produce has gone down, but while I did wear it, I was pleased. The only downside to this bra was that the fabric was very flimsy and with a nursing pad in it, made my boobs look kind of lumpy. Definitely not a going out of the house, while trying to look presentable type of bra. It also cost me about $40. A little ridiculous however, overall it wasn’t bad.

The final bra that I got was from Target. This bra was actually very good. It was a very simple, plain white nursing bra without underwire (basically pictured above but with latch on snaps). It held up great in the wash and it didn’t make my boobs look lumpy with a nursing pad in because the fabric was thicker and stiffer. It actually was my favorite bra out of all of them for a while. Once I got my boobs in hand though, I switched back to underwire since it makes me feel more comfortable. I also only paid about $20 for this bra as well! I would definitely use this bra again in the future if I decide to ever have kids again..

On a side note, as I was looking for the photo of my bra from I was very nonplussed with the models that they chose to market in their photos. I’m sorry but I don’t know of any mom who has just had a baby and is nursing that has ABS. It made me depressed.

Hope this was helpful. By the way. Nursing sucks but I would totally do it again for my son.

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3 thoughts on “maternity bras

  1. April Lara says:

    Motherhood Maternity has some of the best maternity bras in the market! 🙂

    • They definitely have some nice clothes, but I think when it comes to bras, they could’ve done better. I do have to say that their customer service is great and that they were very helpful (King of Prussia)

  2. Jacquie says:

    I really liked the Medela Bras that came in a little box at Babie’s R Us haha. I always thought it weird that they came in a box but hey- they were so comfy! I HATED all nursing bras except the Medela ones and only wore others out of practical acceptability with clothing/dresses etc. Nursing is a pain, (figuratively, literally) but the more I traveled and adjusted, the more I realized how convenient it was! No bottles to bring/wash/pack. No formula to measure out and carry around, less spitting up, better BM’s for baby, helped me lose baby weight. And ultimately was a fabulous excuse for me to “have” to stay home with Lilly all the time 😉 congrats for putting up with all the nursing drama for your little loo! He may not ever thank you for it but you’ve done him a loving favor!

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