The Daily routine

So I have never before appreciated how much moms do until I became one.

I know I’ve been personally affronted with the whole ‘wife never does anything while she is at home’ argument, but until I’ve become a stay at home mom, it stings even more so. Now that Loo is 4 months (or 19 weeks) old, I’ve gotten a pretty good schedule down. But only RECENTLY have I’ve gotten into a schedule. While my husband goes to work, I try to get things going, like getting the bills paid, cleaning, etc, but it’s so HARD!! My day is consumed with trying to appease my child and make sure he’s stimulated, because god knows that if he ever becomes stupid I’m going to feel at fault. Just gearing up to go out takes forever. Seriously forever. Here’s what I have to do:

1. make sure I am even dressed/showered (this is harder than you may think)

2. make sure I have everything (which includes, diapers/clothes/toys/bottle/burp clothes/coupons/etc)

3. make sure the carseat base is in the car (we only have one carseat which means it is often in the garage since we have to exchange it between cars)

4. make sure Loo is changed, fed, and good to go (god help me if he is not)

and THEN, I can go out.

It is a tiring process let me assure you and by the time this is all done, it’s like 2pm. The day is almost done! So then to get some errands done, plan dinner (which by the way I am cooking retarded and I am learning one recipe at a time), and to get laundry done, clothes folded, all while Loo is napping is nearly impossible!!! I can’t keep up! Because by the time you put the sucker to sleep for a nap, and start on some chores, the hour flies by and you start the vicious cycle all over again!!! I am generally a very lazy individual, for instance, I do not believe in making the bed, and becoming a mom had become one of the wake up slaps to the face where you cannot be lazy.

BASICALLY, I still pretty much do nothing while I am at home, and yet I feel probably more tired than Vince does when he comes home from working a 16 hour day. So when I look at my mom who does a ridiculous amount of things all in one day, I have to say kudos to her and to all those moms out there that do an awesome job being moms.

ps. Please don’t ever say that moms don’t do anything. We do try and it literally takes FOREVER to get ANYTHING done.


2 thoughts on “The Daily routine

  1. Kristin says:

    Jackie, loo is so lucky to have a momma like you!

  2. Isabelle says:

    Thanks so much for that blog. I really enjoyed reading that. And as I’m a) not a mom and b) way too far away I can at least read what’s going on. I love it!

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